Meditation & Healing

Our Belief

Based on quantum physics, everything at its atomical level, is composed of energy and vibrations - no matter if it is us as humans, objects, sound, air, fire, water, etc. Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls create positive vibrations along with soothing sounds which open energy flow, remove negativity, stress, disease and tunes us into harmony. At Inner Bliss, we embrace this thinking to the core and as a result it drives everything we offer to our wonderful clients.

Our Mission

We have set out to help people live life to the fullest by leveraging unique tools that can positively improve individuals' holistic well-being; spiritually, physically, emotionally & mentally. It is through the use of Ancient Himalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowls that we offer services in meditation & healing; via life coaching, we help clients live a fuller life to manifest goals into reality.

Our Story

One day I walked into a New Jersey store by the name of East Meets West, and noticed a variety of unique items. One item in particular caught my eye, laying on a shelf was a singing bowl & mallet along with a note that said "play us, we sing." I then intuitively picked up the mallet & gently struck the bowl, closed my eyes & breathed in deeply. Before I knew it, I fell into deep tranquility & all my troubles seemed to vanish. Since then, I've dedicated years to study, explore & master the art of singing bowls, & now I'm passionate about integrating them to help others via meditation, healing and training." 

Our Founder

Some decades ago, I was born in Colombia & grew up in New York City. Throughout my 15+ year journey as an HR Leader & Certified Coach, coupled with personal challenges (we all face in life), I was determined to live a more holistic & healthier lifestyle to maintain higher levels of energy, optimism, gratitude and love. To achieve overall success, I turned to singing bowl meditation, became a Certified Sound Healer & as part of my mission, I enjoy helping people achieve overall well-being with a focus on mind, body and spirit.

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Sound Bath & Singing Bowl Concert Meditation

$10 donation

Learn to meditate with Singing Bowls (Level 1) 

  • Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls and Meditation

  • 7 hour in-person group training 

  • 30 minute meditation

  • January 18, 2020 (Saturday) will be the next training session



"Cesar trained me on how to heal others & meditate, it was worth every penny! 


—  Liz, Stay at home mother


Many clients have expressed interest in joining our retreats.  If you are interested in attending a retreat with a focus on mind, body and spirit, feel free to complete the form below to learn more.  We will keep you posted with updates!


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